Vegas Golden Knights Local Craft Beer Collection

Andrea Johnson
Andrea Johnson
Published on June 15, 2018


GO KNIGHTS GO! I am so excited to share what our local craft Henderson and Vegas breweries are doing to support our Vegas Golden Knights. 

Lovelady Brewing is located in the downtown Water Street District and has two styles on draft for the Vegas Golden Knights. The first is Golden Nites, a golden lager weighing in at 5% ABV. This one is easy drinking, crisp and refreshing. The second draft on tap is James Neal and the Giant Peach, a peach weizenbock that packs a sweet, fresh peach punch at 7% ABV. It’ll get you right in the taste buds! While they didn’t have cans at the time I visited, they do have a crowler station so you can purchase a 32oz can that is freshly canned right in front of your eyes!

Next up on the tour de Golden Knights beer is Bad Beat Brewing, located in the “booze district” in East Henderson. They came up with a hazy NE IPA, named “Garbage Idea to Put a Team in the Desert,” coming in at 6.3% ABV. The cans sold out in a few short hours.

Hop Nuts Brewing, one of the Vegas breweries located in Las Vegas’ Arts District, released The Golden Knight. This one is a Belgian Golden Strong Ale that packs a wallop at 7.5% ABV. Cans and draft are still available, and though the beer has some power to it, it still drinks quite easily.

Big Dog Brewing Company, another one of the Vegas breweries located in North Las Vegas, released Cloudy with a Chance of Fleury, an extremely juicy NE IPA coming in at 6.9%. Tons of flavor and extremely hazy! When the brewery released the cans, there was a line around the bar and they sold out in 60 minutes. 

I am so happy to see our local craft Henderson and Vegas breweries supporting our local team!  The beers have been fantastic and the releases have been popular and generate so much excitement in the local brewery crowd. Support our local craft breweries, and GO KNIGHTS GO!







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