Located in Henderson, Nevada is the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area. The Area offers 48,438 acres of exploration and is home to the Sloan Canyon Natural Petroglyph site, one of the most significant cultural resources in Southern Nevada. The entrance to the park is tucked just behind the master planned community of Inspirada. On a nice clear day, we took on the adventure of hiking Sloan Canyon.

The park offers a variety of scenery including dry lake beds, dry waterfalls you can hike up, a gallery of over 1,700 petroglyphs, and 5,000′ volcanic rock peaks consisting of four different 13 million year-old volcanoes. Yes, volcanoes! You can see Mount Hanna, Mount Ian, Mount Sutor, and the Center Mountain Dome. Hiking trail maps, horseback riding trail maps, and biking trail maps are all available for hiking Sloan Canyon.

If you’re thinking about hiking Sloan Canyon with your dogs, it’s important to note they’re not allowed in the Petroglyph Management Area or North McCullough Wilderness Area within Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area. There is plenty of wildlife along the trail to include the Chuckwalla, a large lizard that gets really angry if you get too close and opens his mouth at you angrily (yes, found that out first hand). The day we hiked, we saw countless lizards and many antelope ground squirrels. For more information on the wildlife you might encounter at Sloan Canyon, visit the Bureau of Land Management’s website

We hiked Sloan Canyon on a very clear day, which made the view from the top absolutely worth it. A lot of aircraft from the nearby Henderson Executive Airport would cruise by, seemingly close, and it was fun to watch from the trail. You could see all the way across the valley. We sat on a rock and had our snack up here to enjoy the views.

We really loved hiking Sloan Canyon, and there are multiple loops and trails to embark on so you can experience different perspectives each visit. Check Sloan Canyon’s website prior to going out to ensure that the gates will be open for the time you want to visit. There are restrooms located at the trailhead and a Visitor Center as well. As always, take more water than you need and a good hat and sunglasses… and have fun exploring!