Hiking Henderson, NV: Things to do in Henderson, NV

Andrea Johnson
Andrea Johnson
Published on September 20, 2018

VIDEO – Have you heard about Hiking Henderson?

It’s a program offered by the City of Henderson that happens twice a year. When you participate, you could earn a chestnut hiking staff and awesome medallions to affix to it so everyone knows how great of a hiker you are! The initial enrollment fee is $20 for the program. There are two Hiking Henderson sessions each year when this is offered – the spring session is March 1-May 31 and the fall session is September 1-November 30. During a session, you hike a minimum of eight of the designated trails that are listed on the hiking form. After completing each hike, date your Hiking Henderson form.  Once you knock out those 8 hikes and complete your first session, you earn your hiking staff by turning in your completed form to the City of Henderson’s Outdoor Recreation staff at Downtown Recreation Center, 105 W. Basic Rd.

After you earn your staff, when you complete additional sessions you’re eligible to receive a medallion to affix to your hiking staff. The medallions are $8 and the style changes each session.

Trails are open daily from 6am-11pm, unless otherwise noted.  Trail maps and information can also be found here.


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